The client wants to make easy for the people who are searching for rented place in US location.

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  • UI/UX
  • Back-End



The client wants to make easy for the people who are searching for rented place in US location. This idea is to avoid the intervention of brokers to provide transparency to the users. So he wants to make lots of new features to be integrated with the application like avoiding fake properties and its details from the database of RentHunterz from which it displays in the search list, details about the property and the neighborhood landmark details like schools, hospitals, petrol bunk etc. The eminent features proposed by the client to integrate with RentHunterz are MLS authentication, Walkscore, Yelp, Google street view and personally reviewed properties.



Webserver: Apache Tomcat
Frameworks: JAVAEE – spring 3.2 MVC, Hibernate 4.1
Java script Libraries :jQuery, Html5
Webservices: RESTful
Integration : Email validator API Integration
Payment : PayPal
Database : MySQL 5.1
Analytics and tracking : Google Analytics


The Working Challenge


To fulfill all their expectations about the RentHunterz application, we designed and developed a user friendly interface which allows the user to post their property and related details with free of cost with a very minimal clicks. Also to avoid fake properties in the database, we integrated with MLS service from the US government. This helps the RentHunterz application to pull the data of properties for sale in the US location. In order to provide the users a real time feel and experience of their future permanent or temporary living place we integrated the Google street view service (which shows 360* view of that particular area in real time movement of people and vehicles if any) with this application.

It is possible for a tenant to view the property with its description, multiple images and amenities of that property etc. By integrating the Yelp services the users can see the list of available shops (like grocery shops, restaurants, banks, gas stations, golf course, schools, colleges and hospitals etc. near to their area. We recommended integrating a new feature for the assistance to know the market rate/ value of that particular property by using our local data from US govt. Walkscore is an API integrated to this application which will shows the walk able distance to any shops from their home location. There is an additional feature of giving assistance for the users looking for a property to calculate the monthly emi/ mortgage payments to own or rent a property from RentHunterz application.


Finally get the Results


Result & Benefits

Our proposed automated system reduces the time, effort and cost of searching for a property by a tenant. Also it simultaneously helps the property builders for renting and selling their properties to real needed tenants. Google Street view and yelp data integration helps the viewers/ tenants to analyze the environment and other available amenities in real time. By using our integrated tools of different purpose the tenants will feel easy to access all related tools for their needs.Now this RentHunterz web application attracts the customer & their good will without any advertisement. Till now the user base of this application is in increasing phase throughout the US which shows that they are the emerging market leader in the US real estate/ renting property market.


The RentHunterz is enjoying the increasing user base with a good recognition throughout the US for renting and buying of properties among the tenants and other users. This is possible only because of the new and much needed features integration and proper flow of the system (from starting to the end) with an attracting user interface.


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