The major task/ challenge lies in the integration of other related music services.

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  • UI/UX
  • Back-End



While hearing the project requirements of Lookeet for the first time, we found the major task/ challenge lies in the integration of other related music services. The client wants to change the view of common music application with lots of new features and functionality in a single place/ application. The major music services like online streaming of music, downloading to the local system, finding their favorite artists or bands etc. are the services which will grab the attention of the music fans/ end users. Managing the subscription of the members and their purchased music is also a big challenge in developing this application.



Webserver: Apache Tomcat
Frameworks: JAVAEE – spring 3.2 MVC, Hibernate 4.1
Java script Libraries :jQuery, Html5
Webservices: RESTful
Integration : Email validator API Integration
Payment : PayPal
Database : MySQL 5.1
Analytics and tracking : Google Analytics


The Working Challenge


To fulfill all these major needs the best way is to create a separate profile for each user’s (Bands, Artists and Fans). The fans can store their purchased music, see & follow their favorite artists and their music updates -if any etc. this application contains music and videos which will be categorized by the artists and bands accordingly like genre, Moods and Language. The end user can customize their page according to their will in order to listen only selected categories of music from a pool.

Subscription of membership needed for Fans to listen and download songs from Lookeet. If they want to purchase a particular album from particular artists then he needs to pay the said amount to the artists via Lookeet. After login by a fan in Lookeet, their homepage has a section of the top charts which will be changing continuously/ dynamic based on trending of music among other users in Lookeet. Here we also integrated Wowza, Amazon and Google to provide better services to the Lookeet users. Also there is an option to play and hear the music from Lookeet place in the top of the application as a header. This playing of music won’t get paused/ affected when redirecting to other pages in the application. This player will remain undisturbed until the user stops the play manually. There is an option for the fans to book a band for their service in a private party organized by them if any. This application is also becomes a market place for both the bands and the artists. The artists can upload their new albums on their page which will be visible to all other users. If those users are interested in it, they can buy it from this particular artist. The band user can add their troop’s details like members and their events (if they are conducting any in future date) in their page in Lookeet. Regarding those people who are following them will get a notification in their dashboard so that they won’t miss any of their favorite events.


Finally get the Results


Result & Benefits

By implementing our said solution this Lookeet application plays a major role among the music fans across the US. Songs, subscription of a fan & payment for music by a fan are managed in the backend by the super admin. The super admin is responsible for keeping the user’s up to date of their favorite artists via Lookeet. This application becomes a personal music player to the users by creating their own music playlist which can be accessed from all the device and platform using their own access/ login credentials. The band user can see their growth among the user view in a graphical format (like weekly, monthly, yearly visited users, number of followers etc.)


This Lookeet application from a concept it emerged with a brand in US with web and mobile application, which fulfills the music lovers, artists and the bands. The personalized User interface is the main thing which grabs the initial attention of the viewers towards the Lookeet. Now Lookeet serves as a platform to the individual artists, budding bands to portray their talents to the people of US


The artist and the band user of Lookeet feels that this will be their initial recognition, if their album becomes one of the list in top charts/ top trending among others in the homepage of Lookeet. Our tagline, “Your Growth is Our Growth” shows that we are customer oriented and we always strive to keep the customer satisfied

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