This project Agreed Reviews wants to be as identical as glassdoor with some additional features.

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  • UI/UX
  • Back-End



This project Agreed Reviews wants to be as identical as glassdoor with some additional features in it, which makes this Agreed Reviews application to unique in their field. In a review posting application, it is hard to integrate the searching for a contractor based on their service and ratings, contacting them for a service etc. i.e. high in complexity of the system flow. Because most of the fields are tightly coupled with each other like address, neighborhood, city, state or zip code with the category and sub category of offered services by the contractors.



Webserver: Apache Tomcat
Frameworks: JAVAEE – spring 3.2 MVC, Hibernate 4.1
Java script Libraries :jQuery, Html5
Webservices: RESTful
Integration : Email validator API Integration
Payment : PayPal
Database : MySQL 5.1
Analytics and tracking : Google Analytics


The Working Challenge


To meet the entire above client’s expectation we proposed a solution to implement the registration process (account creation) to both the users according to their nature (customers or contractor). Here both the users should furnish their mandatory information. After filling that information’s they are allowed to play their role in the application like customer can post the review for the service from a contractor and contractor can do service for the customer. The major tasks in this application are reading and writing the reviews. For finding a contractor, we are getting a minimal input from the customer to find out the suitable resources from a pool. We also proposed to implement a new feature to grab the attention of the contractor about their service to customer.

With review option customer can post their comments if they are not satisfied with the service and in return the contractor will resolve it. By this way the contractors are enjoying the cost less effort of enjoying a third party customer satisfaction management by our application. We recommend making the reviews section in the homepage to be dynamic, which will keeps changing accordingly. So that people will rely on our application which shows the truth to the customers. Also to encourage the customer for posting the reviews, we recommend a simple dynamic feature of showcasing the review of the day for any top contractor in the homepage. They can also post a project by furnishing some related information like project name, category & subcategory of services, description, address, start and end date of a project, actual start and stop date of the project, proposed cost, actual cost, warranty period etc. We understood that none can effectively increase the productivity until he/she is encouraged by someone. So we made an icon present next to their profile which shows the number of project posted and the number of public views for the contractors.


Finally get the Results


Result & Benefits

As the project name indicates the agreed review is not just a reviews posting web application. With our proposed solution it becomes online search for service provider/ contractor in their particular geographical area & exchange of their contact information. By addition of this new feature with the application it becomes unique in their service and gains the goodwill of the customers. It helps contractors to overcome their negative feedbacks, by providing a valuable service in time and with quality in it. Now this application becomes a revolutionary product with market leader in their service industry by automated handling of any particular service from start to the end.


We take up challenges to provide creative and innovative ideas to prove that we are the best in the industry. This Agreed Reviews from a one line concept, it changes into a revolutionary product.


Client is so happy about the end product/ solution which we provided as it helps lot to the agency and an individual service providers/ contractors.

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