The SKADCO, wanted to act as a platform where it can make the sellers to enter into a business transaction with their customers with no hidden charges (i.e. sales percentage fee) for it.

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The SKADCO, wanted to act as a platform where it can make the sellers to enter into a business transaction with their customers with no hidden charges (i.e. sales percentage fee) for it. They want to make a transparency in the business between the sellers and the buyers. But making such a transparent is also a bigger challenge to implement in a system.



Webserver: Apache Tomcat
Frameworks: JAVAEE – spring 3.2 MVC, Hibernate 4.1
Java script Libraries :jQuery, Html5
Webservices: RESTful
Integration : Email validator API Integration
Payment : PayPal
Database : MySQL 5.1
Analytics and tracking : Google Analytics


The Working Challenge


In order to make SKADCO a successful product we proposed them to follow a different strategy than any other marketplace till date. That strategy is to create a marketplace for every seller. There is no restriction for the users to change their view, i.e. buyer or seller. Means a user can act as both users like the seller and buyer depends upon their needs. So there is a single login and there is no separate login for the seller and buyer. All they need to do for buying a product is to search for that particular item and buy it, and for selling an item they need to create a market place by paying some amount based on their desired chosen subscription then they post their item with its own description and picture if any in their marketplace which will be visible to the general user.

Another specialty in this SKADCO is the seller can create many marketplace as much as he can depend upon the category of their item like either jewelry, food, clothes, etc. But he can add items to their market page based on their subscribed plan. In order make grab the users attention with a new attraction we implements a new feature of video description of an item. So to maintain such a big data from the system we proposed them to use a centralized separate database which will handle the data uploaded by the users. Also we made this application as universal device compatibility means the user can access this application from almost all devices with their platforms like iOS, Android etc. The subscription plan for the sellers is a recurring event, i.e. every 30 days it will automatically deduct a particular subscription amount from the seller’s bank account. To make the delivery option in favor to the buyers we suggested the client to integrate with FedEx and UPS. For this purpose, we used high end encryption formats to store the user’s bank details in the DB and which will use to recurring with the approval of concerned users. Client needs social media integration so that the users will share their view and purchased item to their friends with ease of access.


Finally get the Results


Result & Benefits

The delivery option is reason to grab most of the customers towards SKADCO because if they are purchasing an item which can be delivered by a courier to the remote areas the buyer no need to worry about the delivery because of tie up with well know popular courier partner in US location. Also, we gave the option of pickup the product from the seller location which gives the customer/buyer a good feel of buying an item from SKADCO. Customer enjoys the video description and their own market page with real time statistical data which encourages the seller to post more items to sell via SKADCO.


Our client enjoys our valuable suggestion in designing & developing of this SKADCO a new marketplace for all types of users. All these unique options/ features rapidly grab the goodwill of the customers and become popular around US location


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