This aim of this project (Wantwarriors) is to make easier for both the end users (buyers & sellers) to make and do business via our proposed application

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  • UI/UX
  • Back-End



This aim of this project (Wantwarriors) is to make easier for both the end users (buyers & sellers) to make and do business via our proposed application. Providing the features like category of cars like sports cars, budgeted cars, luxurious cars, etc. is main task lies in this project. Also, they need their own search engine which will search & provide the results according to the user’s search using search filters. This application will be unique if it has more filter labels. It is also a major challenge to implement those filters with new search results accordingly to the users.



Webserver: Apache Tomcat
Frameworks: JAVAEE – spring 3.2 MVC, Hibernate 4.1
Java script Libraries :jQuery, Html5
Webservices: RESTful
Integration : Email validator API Integration
Payment : PayPal
Database : MySQL 5.1
Analytics and tracking : Google Analytics


The Working Challenge


We implemented many new features in the Wantwarriors application like persistent search, any users can buy a car & similarly any users can sell their cars, adding their new/used cars to the list, etc. We recommended to persistent search which will get the personal touch with the end users. This feature will automatically send notification / alert mail to the end user regarding any price alert and the product availability. The specialty of this feature is the end user can decide that when he wants to receive these mails in their inbox. Also, after a lot of SWOT & market analysis, we proposed to follow the different user’s level of access.

Generally, the selling and buying business involves two verticals of users; they are the buyer and seller. But here there is no restriction on posting the cars ads in the application and buying it from the application. For selling a car the user has to add their car’s image, company info, car type, fuel type, no. of cylinders, transmission type, body style, drive train, etc. there is an option which will help the user to even describe more about their car. Considering layman, we proposed our client to use related icons which represent the functionality of that particular feature. By doing so they can understand it what it means and what is the use of it before reading that functionality title. One of the main advantages of this application for the sellers is they can add their sales team if they are doing business by selling more than 10 (ten) cars via Wantwarriors application. So that they manage their sales team from our application and don’t need a separate 3rd party one to manage their business.


Finally get the Results


Result & Benefits

The output of this project with new technology solutions makes the client to reduce the costs, streamline their process etc. Because of the uniqueness, this product becomes the market leader in the US locations and got the appreciation over all types of customer and the Wantwarriors is still standard of service to their customers.


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