Telecom Advantage


The major challenge behind this telecom advantage project is to provide different views and user experience to different services chosen by the end user or viewer from this website/ homepage. So this website’s homepage hosts n number of services, managed by the super admin at the backend. Another important challenge is to acquire the customers into the system without exchanging the contractor’s details to them. The main aspect of this project is to integrate the different users from different services into this single system and also restricting them according to their membership which gives/ denotes the level of access.

Proposed & Recommended Solutions

To overcome all the above mentioned challenges, we proposed them to make a static homepage with the lists of offered services. These clickable lists of services will redirect to their particular webpage with their own look and feel i.e. user experience based on their selected services. Regarding this new webpage the customer can refine their search results in order to select their desired ones according to their comfort zone and availability. When viewing the search results of the particular contractors (i.e. service providers) the customer can view only the overall average ratings of that agency, their associated services (if any) and their overview information. The contractors are enjoying the services of telecom advantage by subscribing to a membership plan either monthly or yearly based on their needs. After the completion of a service by contractor, the customer will directly pays to the contractor and not via the system.

Result & Benefits

By implementing our proposed solution we are showing more transparency to the end users. Both the users (contractors and the customers) enjoy this traditional business concept followed in our system. This in turn helps contractors to identify their potential customer and vice versa. Our customized search result pane helps the contractors registered in the system to generate more revenue than the others in the market.


1.Webserver: Apache Tomcat
2.Frameworks: JAVAEE – spring 3.2 MVC, Hibernate 4.1
3.Java script Libraries: jQuery, Html5
4.Webservices: RESTful
5.Integration: Email validator API Integration
6.Payment: PayPal
7.Database: MySQL 5.1
8.Analytics and tracking: Google Analytics


Client is so happy about the end solution which we offered them as it helps the customers to search and find the service providers with their desired/ expected qualities around their geographical circle. Our tagline, “Your Growth is Our Growth” clearly means that we are customer oriented and always we strive to keep the customer satisfied. We have highly qualified and professional team who helps us in delivering quality products and the best services to our clients. Our work in this project speaks about our Quality & the success rate.

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