The major challenge in developing this project is to make a unique system flow which deviates and out stands from other applications in the market. As per the client’s proposed functionality it is very complicated to implement the dynamic backend calculation for the project and its commission based on the total agreed project amount.

Proposed & Recommended Solutions

This project is a kind of bidding platform. Here, only the registered users can post their project requirements in the application in addition to their own allocated budget/ allocated amount for that particular project. Then this project posting will be visible to entire other freelancers/ a company dashboard. After reading the project requirements completely and if suitable to them and their skills, the bidder will do bidding for their own amount which is generally lower than the budget of the project posting user. This application is designed in a manner which will automatically change the status of the project from open to closed. This happens only when the total bid amount from the freelancers reached the total budget amount fixed by the project posting user/ client. For posting the project it is mandatory for a client that he should be a subscribed member of this system/ application. All the payment related tasks are done by integrating the Stripe to the Shirkah application.

Result & Benefits

By following our suggested idea and proposed solution this Shirkah application becomes successful with its unique flow. Users posting their project in our application are satisfied with the end product/ output offered. This project has attracted the other viewers due to simplicity and transparency followed in this system.


1.Webserver: Apache Tomcat
2.Frameworks: JAVAEE – spring 3.2 MVC, Hibernate 4.1
3.Java script Libraries: jQuery, Html5
4.Webservices: RESTful
5.Integration: Email validator API Integration
6.Payment: PayPal
7.Database: MySQL 5.1
8.Analytics and tracking: Google Analytics


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