Reading Rescuers


The client of Reading Rescuers, wanted to change the traditional method of educating world by transitioning from old school learning (real time classroom) methods for latest trends i.e. online learning (virtual classroom). Because they thought of bringing and develop a new educational standard by paving the way to international students in spite of their geographical locations. During the transition, they faced challenges like scheduling trainings; exam and valuation of the student’s etc. reading rescuers required a system to track students’ process and scheduled trainings. To overcome these issues and also to increase the online learning (virtual classroom) student base, they decided to move on to a high level and innovative platform.

Proposed & Recommended Solutions

To overcome the challenges faced by the Reading Rescuers, we proposed them to maintain a separate centralized database. The website has three different users based on their roles /action and responsibilities. These users are permitted to choose their own credentials accordingly at the time of registration for their access. For accessing these online virtual class room trainings the student user has to subscribe for plan/membership from any of the available ones (mostly 6months plan and 12 months plan). We proposed scheduling management, which processes the scheduling of test/ class room training to different students/ tutors. The database helped the students by viewing the training videos from particular available category uploaded by the tutors. The easy interaction of the payment gateway kept the backend operation simple and smooth, along with international cross border student’s subscription.

Result & Benefits

In this Reading Rescuers system, different users have different UI (which has different look and feel of their own dashboard) with social media integration attracted many users worldwide; this in turn helped them in achieving their brand image. Scheduling the virtual class room session according to their needs & time makes both the student and tutor to feel the uniqueness of the system. This makes them comfortable before entering into learning / tutoring sessions. Online exams and the grade system help the students to perform well while it is designed very well easy for the parents/ family members to track their kids/ child's performance in their education. The results show that the student who uses online virtual classroom for training gains more knowledge than the one who follows the traditional method of real time classrooms. Because this virtual classroom training will grab the children’s attention throughout the session and won’t allow for their distraction till the end.


1.Webserver: Apache Tomcat
2.Frameworks: JAVAEE – spring 3.2 MVC, Hibernate 4.1
3.Java script Libraries: jQuery, Html5
4.Webservices: RESTful
5.Integration: Email validator API Integration
6.Payment: PayPal
7.Database: MySQL 5.1
8.Analytics and tracking: Google Analytics


The reading rescuers become a successful online learning portal i.e. e-learning website because of their special features like one to one video conference for learning a course in an already accepted session etc. Our work on this website speaks about our Quality & success rate. We are customer oriented and we always strive to keep the customer satisfied.

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