We have covered most of the industries

Our IT solutions help accelerate innovation and gratify industry specific best practices and solutions to run your core business efficiently.

Our automotive intelligence helps you improve the impact of business strategy. Our capabilities and solutions, span the entire automotive value chain.

Cards & Payments

We harness the power of technology-led innovation to meet evolving customer expectations with frictionless payments that encompasses payment networks, payment services and payment aggregators.

Communication Services

Communication Services enables to facilitate fluent, real-time information-sharing, collaboration and respond effectively to the demands created by increasingly flexible and mobile working patterns.


The realm of teacher-student interaction is no longer limited to just classroom based training. We work towards leveraging our expertise by developing e-learning solutions, mobile-enabled learning, apps and software.

Financial Services

We rationalize and converge IT and operations across regions and business divisions, to optimize cost, and bring agility with renewed focus on regulatory compliance and customer centricity.


We enable new business models and efficiencies for cost management, and create new levels of collaboration between medical professionals and across the healthcare enterprises.


Our technology-enabled services and solutions help optimize the end-to-end processes for the entire lifecycle of your products.

Hospitality and Leisure

Our Hospitality and Leisure practice renews processes to assimilate customer data from multiple sources, insights into demographics and preferences help you to sense demand and deliver a superior guest experience.

Industrial Manufacturing

Our manufacturing solutions help optimize the end-to-end processes for the entire lifecycle of your products and globalized supply networks combined with the growing number of environmentally-conscious customers.


Our solutions portfolio for insurers includes BPS, emerging technology consulting and creativity to help you address these challenges and opportunities through legacy modernization, business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Logistics and Distribution

We take a vast range of inputs from the business users and computes various supply chain metrics to helps them to plan their logistics operations more effectively.

Media and Entertainment

Digital content is everywhere and with the proliferation of smart devices Logic Heart helps media and entertainment companies navigate the sweeping changes in the field by offering the technological and strategic solutions in line with new business models.

Resources Industries

Logic Heart delivers improved adaptability through better visibility and configurability, higher collaboration through unified communications, and better product market strategies for resource industries.


We can show you ways to quickly implement new technology solutions that reduce costs, streamline processes and we are the one that can deliver the best what today's retailers really want and need.


We will design the software to help analyze, configure, and optimize the user's business. We have everything you need to become a best-run utility.